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Announcement : Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship 2021

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March 1, 2021

Updates :

First Round results published on : 07.07.2021
Second Round results published on : 01.09.2021
Final winners announced : Meet the final six

Finally, the wait is over! Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship 2021 applications are open now!

If you are new here, you may ask, what is this Travel Scholarship. Well, let us give you a clearer picture.

Shoshin Tribe is a young travel company that believes in a responsible and sustainable way of travelling, and we are looking to expand our family of responsible travellers.

Responsible travel can be a vague and broad concept to many, at times even for us. But we believe that we all are learning, learning to become the better version of ourselves. If not, we can start now.

Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship is one of many such starts.

Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship

By introducing STTS, we are focusing on educating the ever-growing community of travellers on the importance of being a responsible traveller.

We hear the news of destinations negatively impacted by mass tourism, cultures disrespected by irresponsible tourists, beaches spoiled by short-sighted holiday seekers and many such stories. This has to change!

If this has to change, the most influential travellers have to take a stand. But unfortunately, many of them are only focused on aesthetically pleasing destinations or finding that perfect angle wherever they go. It definitely is a commendable skill, though it would have been much better if those skills were used for educating and telling about the actual ground reality rather than actively seeking to create lust-worthy content that sells. This also has to change.

If this has to change, the end-users should be made aware that the perfectly manicured travel feeds are just one of the many faces of the world of travel. It is alright to have this as a reason to travel. But this isn't the ultimate or the only reason to travel.

There are many other, mostly even better reasons to travel. Travel can bring a totally new perspective, it can transform the way you see the world, it can make you humble, it can teach you so many things and it can create a better version of you. All these benefits will get amplified when you start to travel with a meaning or a greater purpose.

Our Initiative

There are many such stories of travel transforming people. But just like a great travel experience, one has to experience it to fully understand it. No amount of reading or binging videos can replace the actual experience. But then not everyone is given an opportunity to come out of their comfort zone, travel far and wide, and to transform themselves.

We are here to bridge that gap! We are giving you an opportunity to travel across India on a transformative journey, and that too an all expense paid trip!

If selected you will travel for a duration of 3 months seeking human connections, inspiring stories, lesser-explored destinations; to learn, to teach, to grow, to transform, to give back and to meet a different version of yourself.

While doing all these, you will have the responsibility of spreading awareness about the responsible and sustainable way of travelling and hence you will not only be a responsible traveller, but also a change maker!

And this is exactly our initiative - to transform lives through travel using Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship.

Shoshin and the Tribe

The Japanese word Shoshin means 'beginners mind' or 'the process of looking at the world with wonder'. This is one of the guiding principles we have at Shoshin Tribe along with many inspiring visions and missions to achieve them.

So we are looking for people who align with our philosophies and values to join us on this journey. The idea is to create the biggest community of responsible travellers and bring change to the world through the community or what we call 'Shoshin Tribers'.

As a first step towards this, we are offering this scholarship to a selected 6 Tribers to go on an incredible 3-month long journey across India.

The selection process will happen through 3 stages. The first stage is to check how aligned you are with our travel philosophies, the second stage is about getting to know your passions and the last stage is about getting to know you more personally. To know more details check out our 2021 Travel Scholarship page.

The application is open for the first stage from March 1st 2021. It will stay open till April 30th 2021. Though keep in mind, this scholarship is only available for Shoshin Tribe members.

If you think you resonate with our philosophies, then go ahead and join our tribe and become eligible to participate in our 2021 Travel Scholarship.

Good luck if you have already applied. Keep an eye out for emails from Shoshin Tribe for further notifications. Apart from that, we are also sending many offers and freebies to your inbox regularly.

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