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Company Goals

Shoshin Tribe is a brand of Gyan Yatra Wisdom Travel Pvt. Ltd. registered under the Companies Act 2013 in Kashipur, Uttarakhand - 244713, India (hereinafter known as Shoshin Tribe)

Our vision is to create the largest community of responsible travellers in the world, serve them with enlightening travel products and make the world a better place by upholding unique, innovative, and best travel practices.

Shoshin Tribe will provide annual travel scholarships to a certain number of people every year to explore, learn, give, grow, and connect in the most sustainable way possible. In this journey, we are going to support local, sustainable organizations working on the grassroots level.

Shoshin Tribe will do workshops, events, and trips to create a tribe of travellers, those who believe in the higher purpose of travelling, in the transformative touch of travelling, and in the educational side of travelling. 

General Conditions

Shoshin Tribe holds the right related to travel scholarships, namely the intellectual property rights related to the Travel Scholarship and their content.

Shoshin Tribe is responsible solely for the content and information distributed by its official channels and takes no responsibility for participants, members, and user-submitted content.

Shoshin Tribe has the right to adapt and modify the Travel Scholarship or any other events, workshops, or trips.

Members have no right to indemnification, in case some event does not take place for any external reasons or for reasons other than force majeure or if the event results in any kind of delay and/or changes to any of the Travel scholarships, events, and workshops.

Shoshin Tribe is not able to offer refunds for membership fees or any other costs related to the Travel Scholarships as the membership fee is earmarked for the Shoshin Tribe Membership, which includes exclusive offers, discounts, workshops, courses, and trip invitations. 

Shoshin Tribe has the right to update this document and add more information if necessary from time to time.

Eligibility to Enter The Tribe (Community)

Anyone can register for Shoshin Tribe annual membership and get the exclusive rewards included, but to be eligible for some specific program, candidates must meet the mandatory requirements of each Program.

Travel Scholarship Program | 1st Edition 2021


Please note the timeline is subject to change 

  • The application starts on 1st March 2021 until 30th June 2021
  • Selection Process begins: July 2021
  • Announcement of final selection: Oct 2021
  • 3-month travel scholarship beings: End Dec 2021 or later
    ( Dates will be finalized depending on the current Covid situation at the time. If the Covid situation remains grim, we will postpone the travel dates to a future date.  Shoshin Tribe holds the right to finalise the travel dates depending on the ongoing situation.)


Anyone can register to our membership and get the exclusive rewards included, but to be eligible for Travel Scholarship, candidates must be over 18 years old.

An intermediate level of English is mandatory so the candidate can interact and communicate with the group and other people when traveling around India & South Asia! Anyone can apply to the Program without completely having mastered spoken and written English; as long as each one can understand and communicate.

Shoshin Tribe’s workers and their families and close friends are not eligible to apply for the scholarships.

Shoshin Tribe is not responsible for any application from someone who doesn’t meet the requirements. All requirements are clearly explained on Shoshin Tribe’s website and in these Terms & Conditions.

If someone who doesn’t meet the requirements still applies, he/she is not entitled to ask for a refund for their membership fee.


For the Travel Scholarship selection, we will only consider members that meet the requirements and are able to participate during the announced dates of the Program.

The selected members must be willing to travel as a group with the rest of the selected people plus someone from Shoshin Tribe’s team when necessary.

The selected members must agree to grant all rights to their image and likeness to Shoshin Tribe for the duration of the Program.

Members may fill out and submit an application for another person, provided they can guarantee that this other person fulfills all applicable requirements of the application. Every submitted application is personal and non-transferable.

Application Process

In order to be considered a candidate for the Travel Scholarship Program, every applicant needs to:

  • Access our website (
  • Submit all the personal details that are necessary to apply for the Membership.
  • Accept Shoshin Tribe’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Make the payment of the membership fee.
  • Fill out all the forms and tests that are part of the Selection Process for Travel Scholarship

Following the above steps will allow the candidate to access the Shoshin Tribe Community, where he/she will get access to private content including training in the form of videos, webinars, PDFs, and other documents, rewards, and perks, and will also be eligible to participate in the Selection Process of the Travel Scholarship.

Shoshin Tribe has the right to change the application fee during specific times for promotional purposes. Each applicant pays the value announced at the moment of its registration and will not be affected by later changes.

All the information provided will be stored and analyzed for the purpose of the selection process according to our Privacy Policy.

Only those who meet all these requirements are considered to be part of the Travel Scholarship, but those not eligible may still apply to be part of our community, with all the privileges, discounts, and rewards.

Shoshin Tribe is partnering with several companies to be able to offer exclusive rewards to every candidate. Shoshin Tribe is not responsible for any product/service, image, content, or any other matter produced or disseminated by its partners.

Travel Scholarship Selections Process

After becoming a member, participants will fill an application form with various questions to give a better insight into their fit for this travel scholarship. 

The Shoshin Tribe team will carefully analyse all applications according to our principals and vision and we will select 1000 applicants or 50% of the total applicants whichever is lower, to move to phase two of applications.

Phase one will be open from March 1st to June 30th 2021. Dates can be extended depending on various factors. 

Phase two applicants will be announced on July 7th 2021 and the phase two application process will open from this date. 

Successful applicants will receive an email with all details for phase two applications.

Phase two applications will close on Aug 15th 2021. Dates can be extended depending on various factors. 

Shoshin Tribe team  will analyze all applications based on judging criteria and select 100 applicants or 50% of the applicants who made it to second round, whichever is lower to move onto phase three. 

Phase Three applicants will be announced on Sep 1st 2021 and the phase three application process will open from this date.

Phase three process will include phone/video interviews with our team.

Successful applicants will receive an email including all details when the date comes. 

The six successful applicants who will be participating in the three-month travel scholarship will be announced on October 10th 2021. Successful applicants will be notified by phone and email as well as on our social media channels. 

After these interviews, we will select the six candidates who will participate in the 3 Month Travel Scholarship and possibly cooperate with Shoshin Tribe in other ways in the future after the Program.

Throughout the selection process, all information provided by the applicant must be true. If any dishonesty is discovered on the part of the applicant, the applicant may be excluded from the selection process and from the Travel Scholarship with no right to compensation.

Shoshin Tribe holds the right to change these dates at any time. 

Finance Conditions

  • For the six selected candidates, all expenses related to the Program (flights, internal transportation, accommodation, insurance, meals, and activities that are part of the Program) will be covered by Shoshin Tribe.

  • Additionally, the participants will have a monthly budget that they can use for expenses related to the spirit of the Travel Scholarship. This amount will only be available to spend during the scholarship and related to its logistics. These expenses will be analyzed by the team from Shoshin Tribe to see if they fit in the Program’s spirit.
  • The goal of having a monthly budget is to make sure that the members can enjoy the travel to the fullest without having financial barriers.

  • This money will be used for the travel scholarship’s purposes. Participants won’t be able to take it home with them, for example.

  • Any other private/extra expenses that are not related to the Program will not be covered by Shoshin Tribe.

States to visit & Conditions

The itinerary of the Travel Scholarship covers close to 5 states in India, the visit will also depend on the condition of traveling in the state according to the COVID guidelines. This itinerary is subjected to change depending on the ongoing COVID situation.

Shoshin Tribe reserves the right to change the state and itinerary of the Travel Scholarship depending on the circumstances.

If states mention COVID tests/vaccination being compulsory, the cost of the test will be covered by Shosin Tribe during the travel. Though vaccination is individual's responsibility. Selected travellers might ask to carry Vaccination certificate for both doses ( or the required number of doses as per the vaccination guidelines).

IDs & Vaccinations

Members are responsible to carry their authorized ID cards, passport, and other cards to verify their identity. Members are also responsible for the safety of their ID cards.

Members are also advised to mention their health condition and any compulsory medication or vaccinations going on before the starting of the travel.

COVID vaccinations might be mandatory by the time the travel takes place. This will be the responsibility of individual travellers. 


Shosin Tribe will provide travel insurance with medical assistance to all the selected members for the Travel Scholorship.

Shoshin Tribe Certification

Shoshin Tribe’s team will provide a list of activities for each destinations. These activities will be related to the values of the Shoshin Tribe as mentioned before

From this list, some activities will be mandatory and others optional. Travellers are encouraged to contribute to this list of activities.

Each selected candidate must participate in all the Program’s mandatory activities in order to continue in the Program until the end. For example: If a candidate doesn’t show up to a mandatory activity such as assisting a specific charity, Shoshin Tribe has the right to terminate his/her relation with the Program.

In order to officially receive Shoshin Tribe’s Certification, candidate must complete the whole program and actively participate in all activities during the Scholarship travel period.

Shoshin Tribe’s Responsibilities

Shoshin Tribe has no legal responsibility for any behaviour, crime, action, or omission by the selected members.

Shoshin Tribe has the right to terminate the candidate’s scholarship with the Program if he/she is involved in any kind of crime or bad behavior, such as not respecting local laws or culturally acceptable standards of behavior.

Applicable Law

Applicable law and place of court

These terms and conditions are subject to the regulation of Indian law with the exclusion of its choice of law provisions.

Any dispute with these terms and conditions shall be decided by the civil court of Kashipur, Uttarakhand, India.

Issues of Interpretation

In order to clarify any issue of interpretation or any omission in these terms and conditions, please contact us at 

Data Protection

By submitting to the program, the members consent to Shoshin Tribe collecting, using, disclosing, and storing, the personal information an applicant provides in accordance with its general privacy policy.


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