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Become a more Responsible Traveller through these 5 simple steps

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March 24, 2021

We all hear once in a while the importance of being a responsible traveller, being responsible towards the environment and so on. But many a times these advices don't come with an actionable plan.

Hence we are going to give you some of the basic, easiest and simplest ways to become a responsible traveller, through this post. Let's go check out these 5 simple steps towards becoming a more responsible traveller.

Being a responsible traveller isn't always easy, because obviously it comes with a lot of responsibility! (Maybe some pun intended!)

Even though it isn't easy, it is important that we should always try our best to make positive changes.

But we understand that it is near impossible to always be a perfectly responsible traveller! That takes us to a place of balance.

So, at Shoshin Tribe we believe if everyone aims to be better, not perfect, the world will be in a much better place.

Here are five simple things you can start doing today that will make you a more responsible traveller and have a positive impact.

#1. Follow the 'Leave No Trace' policy

We all know the plastic wrappers or covers don't have legs. They won't be able to reach anywhere without the help of a living thing. Same is true if these plastic pieces want to leave a place.

So it is with someone's help only plastic is reaching the remotest corners of the world. And it is only with someone's help they can be removed from those remote places!

So if you visit a place, do not leave something that wasn't there before you got there. Also, if you can pickup at least one or two small pieces of garbage from wherever you go, that would greatly help our surroundings.

#2. Start carrying a reusable bottle

It is very convenient these days to buy a bottle of water whenever we feel thirsty, because almost every shop sells bottled drinking water.

It is even more convenient just to throw the plastic bottle once we finish drinking the water, because we care less about our environment.

These plastic bottles come under the category of Single use plastic or disposable plastic. These Single-use plastics are defined as those plastic products that are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.

In most cases they are thrown away rather than getting recycled! And this creates a big problem.

Now that we are aware of the problem, lets talk about the solution.

It's time to ditch the plastic water bottles!

Refuse it. If you can't refuse, reduce it. If you have reduced the use, then recycle it once you finished using it.

Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also be saving your money! Refilling your bottle 10 times saves 10 times the money to buy a bottle of water. Thus you save 10 times money! Hence you have more money to spend on Travel and to travel responsibly.

There are some cool bamboo water bottles as well as stainless steel ones available to buy in the market.

#3. Say no to straws!

Since water bottles are somewhat big, we are aware of its bad influence to the environment if thrown away. But then there are comparatively smaller single-use plastic items such as the straws!

These thin slender plastic pipes help us to enjoy fruit juices, milk shakes etc. Once we enjoy our drink, there goes a used straw.

Since they are very cheap, no one is going to reuse it. So the fate of a used straw is to reach the bin. Then these non-biodegradable items end up in the landfills polluting the earth.

This makes Plastic straws as one of the most used and harmful single-use plastics to our environment.

How can we do something about it?

First ask yourself, do you really need a straw to drink some liquid from a glass? If you answered no, great! You can drink straight from the glass.

If you answered yes, well then you can get yourself a personal straw and carry it around. There are many reusable straws are available in the market. There are straws made from paper, bamboo and stainless steel available in case you want to buy.

So try and start building the habit of asking for no straw when you're out and ordering drinks. If you can't give up straws, invest in a reusable one!

#4. Walk or Cycle

Almost all the travellers would agree that the best way to explore and experience a new destination is by walking. If the area to be covered is larger, then cycling is the next best thing.

By walking or cycling you are getting to enjoy the place in a slower, more experiential way as you will be forced to interact with your environment more. But it also helps you from reducing your carbon footprint as you are not producing any harmful gases that affects our environment.

Before the global pandemic, taking a public transport would have been the next better thing to do if your needs require a longer travel or a vehicle. But in the changed circumstances a cab ride would be more responsible option. In that situation try to opt for an electric vehicle for your commute if possible.

But do remember that if you get a chance while exploring a new place, explore on foot or by cycle! You will be surprised by the different perspective of a place you will get, and you will be doing the environment some good!

#5. Be aware and respectful of the local people and culture of the places you visit

There were many reports of detaining the misbehaved tourists by the local authorities. At times tourists might feel that they are privileged ones and feel quite superior and end up disrespecting the local traditions and cultures.

Being a responsible traveller doesn't only mean being conscious of environmental impact. It is also about being conscious and respectful of other people and other cultures.

So be considerate towards the local people, culture and environment. Always keep this in mind wherever you go.

Become a more Responsible Traveller : Become better, every day

These are some of the very basic steps you can take toward becoming a more responsible traveller as well as a responsible citizen. These small steps will make you a better person one act at a time. Some of these steps might look small, but their effect in the long run can be incredible. And what if more and more people follow it everyday?

So Start taking these steps today to become a more responsible traveller and citizen. And remember, it's about being better, not perfect!

Become a more Responsible Traveller

Comment below any other simple tips you'd like to share with our community. Lets make this a better place to live.

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