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Don't miss these members only benefits!

Become eligible to win 3 month long all expense paid road trip

Check out our latest 3 month long Travel Scholarships. It allows you to travel all over India on an amazing adventure. For more details visit our Travel Scholarship page. You can be one of the six travellers who will on a road trip around India!

Eligible to get FAM trips and shorter travel scholarships

We are striving constantly to offer you with free trips and short duration travel scholarships to create a community of better travellers who believe in our philosophies. So if you are a member already, check your inbox constantly for some surprise offers.

Get special invitation and free trips designed by Shoshin Team

We take pride in creating amazing travel itineraries and we want to make them as magical as possible. There will be a lot of entertaining as well as enlightening elements on our tours. And we don't want to mass produce such tours. So these limited edition tours will be available to our members and at times you get to join one of these trips for free. We will update you on how to get these trips for free whenever we announce a new trip.

Get a chance to lead our trips and go on a trip for free

We believe in giving back. If you have been one of our tours and we hit it off quite well - which most probably will happen - then you have a chance to lead our next trip and enjoy that trip without spending anything.

Attend Travel related courses and workshops at special prices

One of our missions is to educate modern travellers to become more responsible and how to sustain a life full of travels. So, we have so many interesting courses and workshops planned that will enable you to be on the road for a long time. Check your inbox regularly for such announcements.

Get special prices and offers from our partners

We have partnered with many hotel chains, tour operators and other travel related services. Being a friend of ours, Shoshin Tribers will get special discounts and other offers. We will communicate such offers to you that are happening in your nearest city.

Get a chance to stay with us in the mountains

If we are in the foothills of Himalayas, we might invite some of you to come and stay with us. After all we are part of a tribe!

Opportunities to become part of the Shoshin Team

We know the electrifying feeling of working with passionate individuals where ideas takes wings and become something amazing. We are always on the lookout for such people to work together to create awesome travel products.

Special members only discount on Shoshin Merch

If you think we are cool, so is our merch. Want to show the solidarity by getting yourself a Shoshin Tribe T shirt? You get it at a special price. Keep an eye out at our store.

Get the signup bonus : Free ebook on How to Take better Travel Pictures

We have compiled the knowledge that we have gained over the year in the field of travel photography and penned it down to make this e-book. This e-book will help you to take better travel photos, no matter what equipment you use, may it be mobile phone camera, point and shoot or a dslr.
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We understand that not everyone likes our philosophy because it is a bit hard to be a responsible traveller all the time! When we started travelling, we might not be the most responsible travellers either. But that didn't stop us learning from the world and to become the better version of ourselves. So we urge you to give it a try if you want to know more about responsible travelling.
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Do you believe in 'leave no trace policy' wherever you travel to?
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Do you like to learn more about the local traditions and cultures of a place you're visiting?
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Would like be more respectful toward the local way of living?
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Would you like to contribute to the local economy?
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Do you believe travelling is more than just visiting places and documenting it?
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Do you believe that travelling is not just ticking off destinations from a list?
Did you answer yes to majority of these questions?
We would love you to be part of the Tribe!


    Welcome to Shoshin Tribe!

    You are a few steps away from becoming a Shoshin Triber. We are very excited that you are here. Let's get you on board. It will take only a few minutes

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    We believe that you are our friend whom we haven't met yet. So can we start with your name?

    What should we call you?

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    Who doesn't love some cool travel offers, right? Well, we do love them and we assume that you do too. But if we have to send you relevant offers, we might need some more details. Though you can totally decide not to fill these if you wish so.

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    What is the major city nearest to you?

    This information will help us to send you any special offers or discounts on activities or staycations happening near your city whenever that happens.

    When is your birthday?

    Sometimes we will be able to surprise you with a birthday gift. It could be a simple birthday wish reaching your inbox or it might even be a free Shoshin trip. There are a lot of factors involved. So we can't tell you what exactly that could be, right now. But if you're interested, please do fill the date.

    Girls only trips

    We have designed 'Female Only Backpacking Trips' to empower and educate girls who have never been able to travel by themselves or prefer to travel with fellow female travellers. We will send announcements of such trips only if you are a female traveller.

    Are you a female traveller?

    The Traveller in You!

    If you have some time to spend, we would like to know the traveller in you. While on the road or not, it is always a pleasure to meet yet another traveller and share some stories.

    Well, this won't take long and this is the last step in this form.

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    While travelling, what is more important to you?

    How famous the destination isThe Instagram worthiness of the placeAmount of travel content the trip can generatePotential human connections you can makeDiverse food the region offersThe journey itselfNothing matters, just need to travel

    Last but not the least

    Do you consider yourself as a Responsible Traveller?*

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