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What are we looking for?

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We are looking for travel stories that celebrates the human connections you have created on your journeys.

It could be something that you have learned from a personal interaction,  it could be the inspiring story of a unsung hero you came across, it could be an instance of random act of kindness from a complete stranger.

Share with us those stories where your travel philosophies shines through while talking about the human connections you have forged on the road.


Submission Guidelines

Theme : Human Connections on the road
Min : 500 - 600 Words
Images : Max 5 numbers (max size 1mb/image)
Content : Shouldn't be published elsewhere
Content : Absolutely no plagiarism
Content : You should own the copyright of the content
Content : Star of the content should be human- connection you have made on this journey
Content : Shouldn't be focusing mainly about your travel achievement, about the place, or activities


PS : Please do note that we are mainly looking for stories of human connections only. If the story you have shared falls under this category, which also follows our editorial guidelines, will be considered for publishing. If you don't hear from us within 45 days of submitting the story, it might not have made it to the cut. So please do not contact us regarding that.

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