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Meet our Final Six

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October 10, 2021

Are you ready to meet our final six?

Hundreds of applications, multiple months of work and various steps in the selection process have finally presented us with our final six! It is time for you to meet them!


We believe Shobana can see things clearly right through the fluff and call a spade a spade. The mass popularity or general conscience of a place doesn't deter her from really understanding a place and understanding the real truth which might not be inline with what the media portrays or general public believes. Having an MBA in Tourism, we have big faith in Shobana to uphold our sustainable travel endeavours and make it even better.

In her own words she is an inquisitive learner, who likes to explore lot within self. She also strongly believes and follows a sustainable life style. Also loves food and a self-motivated person.

We are looking forward to learning new things from her on this adventure.


Srijan caught our attention with a very meaningful creation called 'A strong mystical wind' - a short video on his experience at Bir. As a person who can see above and beyond social media content creation, Srijan has shown potential to create deep meaningful work of art through his chosen medium - film making. We are having high expectations on Srijan's skills to create a wonderful narrative for our mission on the road.

According to him he is a filmmaker, who learns about life through film making. We appreciate someone who wants to know more about oneself through their life's calling.

We are looking forward to experiencing some interesting story telling from him.


We found Athulya's travel journals that are hand written, hand drawn and embellished with photographs to be very interesting. We believe, to create such lovely journals one not only has to be creative, but also need to be mindful about their surroundings. Apart from that she has shown a great potential to pen down her thoughts beautifully.

Along with that the unique perspective what she is going to bring to the table is history of architecture and its significance in a destination. As an aspiring architectural historian, traveling is her inspiration to write about the built environment and bring it closer to its users by making them aware of its story.

We are looking forward to gaining some new insights from her.


From what we have understood, Ananya is a rebel in real sense. Many of her distant family members who doesn't even know her name, know her as 'the girl who studies Tourism'. While getting to know her, what we could feel were pure passion, honesty and an uncanny innocence about her dreams and life in general.

Someone who claims to survive on biscuits and water if situation arise, we are sure Ananya can overcome any challenges while on the road. A self published author, an active trekker and whose dream is to visit 196 countries in the world, we strongly believe that Ananya is going to bring a lot of positive energy to the team.

We are looking forward to learning a thing or two about survival from her.


We safely assume that it could be a professional hazard, but Parag claims that he loves building as much as humans. With a strong eye for design, architecture and sustainable living, we believe Parag is going to add immense value to the sustainability aspects of our journey. Apart from that we have plans to rely on his organisational and problem solving skills to troubleshoot problems on the go, that he had acquired through various trips he had undertaken so far.

In his own words apart from passionate about travelling, he loves teaching, exploring technology and following sustainable lifestyle. He also feels that experiences makes us richer than materialistic possessions. We believe that with this help, we might probably be able to help some remote communities on this journey.

We are looking forward to understanding more about sustainable lifestyle from him.


Sometimes the road shows a path in our lives. The inspiration to become a chef and later to start her own food truck came while travelling, claims Aprajita. What we found interesting is how Aparajita can recreate destinations through her food. Her love for food and travel has taken her to different places in search of new recipes, lesser know food preserving and cooking methods, ingredients and more. We expect her to continue that search on our journey as well.

This is what she has to say about her experience. "Being a food nerd, cooking & gaining knowledge about food has been my passion and pursing that as a career & building something of my own from scratch has been very empowering." We hope that she will empower and nurture our team during this journey in various ways.

We are looking forward to experiencing a unique perspective about destinations through her.

Thank you

It's been a long journey! Thank you to everyone who participated and applied for the scholarship. It wasn't an easy job narrowing it down to the final six after getting to know so many great and interesting people.

We are striving to bring you all more opportunities in the future. We are all so thankful to have you as part of our community.

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