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Brodie Jackson

Ecosia: The Google Alternative That Helps Save The Environment

Published on
April 22, 2021

Everybody feels they want to do more for the environment right? So why is it that such a large percentage of people agree that action needs to be taken to help the environment but they fail to take any such actions?

A lot of the time this comes down to comfort, convenience and habits.
- Our modern-day comforts aren't always good for the environment but many aren't willing to give them up
- Being more environmentally friendly often isn't the convenient option
- We gain many habits over the years that aren't the best options for the environment, but breaking such habits takes continued work and effort that many people aren't willing to put in

On an individual level it can sometimes feel like there's no use, will your individual efforts even make a difference? and What's the point of you making changes if so many others aren't?

I'm here reminding you all that small, actionable changes by many make a great difference! And there are many simple changes you can make in your everyday life that take minimal effort on your part, and contribute positively to the environment.

What if we told you that just by searching the web you can plant trees all over the world?

Well, it's true! Thanks to the eco-friendly search engine that more people need to know about, Ecosia.

Is Ecosia the best search engine in terms of search results and intelligence? In comparison with Google, not yet! You may not get spoon-fed everything as quickly and easily as Google does. But the more people who use this the better it will get and for everyday searches it is great! Ecosia has even been recognised as one of the safest and most secure search engines out there as they don't sell your data to advertisers and have no third-party trackers.

What is Ecosia and how does it work?

Ecosia is a search engine with a big difference, making a big difference!

For every search made using Ecosia, 1kg of CO2 is saved!
For every 45 searches made using Ecosia, 1 tree is planted!

Ecosia uses all profits made through their search engine to better the environment and plant trees where they are needed the most, all over the world.

  1. You search the web using Ecosia Search Engine
  2. Search ads generate income for Ecosia
  3. This income is used to plant trees

It's as simple as that!

The wonderful work Ecosia is doing

To date, Ecosia has planted over 123 MILLION trees around the world! Everyday Ecosia trees remove thousands of tons of CO2 from the air and help to protect wildlife and support environmental regeneration which has so many positive flow-on effects.

Not only that, but Ecosia also works with the locals and experts on their projects to ensure that the right native species are planted and that the trees will grow and thrive. This helps bring more jobs to rural and remote areas and ensures the local knowledge and wisdom isn't disregarded.

Here in India itself, over 1.25 million Ecosia trees have been planted and nearly 400 hectares of forest have been restored.

Your searches are empowering rural farming communities in Uttar Pradesh with more efficient and sustainable agroforestry models that help farmers adapt to the changing climate and its effects. In Singhbum, Ecosia trees have connected forest patches that are restoring the migration routes of Indian Elephants and Tigers.

Projects such as this are happening all over the world thanks to Ecosia and every person using their search engine.

How you can contribute

Its time to make the switch!

It is so simple to contribute to this wonderful initiative. Simply go to, add the Ecosia extension and set Ecosia as your default browser. You can even use Ecosia search engine on mobile and set it as your default web browser for mobile!

This small change will have such a positive contribution to all the great work Ecosia is doing.

What better day to make the switch than today?

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