What Is India? Weekly Virtual Journeys

We know that India is a melting pot of cultures, food, festivals, art, stories and more. India has been a land of storytellers since the time of Upanishads. Want to know more about Indian stories?

Join us on this Storytelling session about India

Every Sunday 8:30 pm IST

10 Slots
MEMBER'S PRICE : ₹1500/-

What Is India : Weekly Virtual Journeys

India is a storybook. The Land of the Vedas, The Birthplace of Yoga, and Eastern Mysticism. At the same time India is also one of the fastest developing nations in the world today, pioneering in information technology, communications, and renewable energy! And cricket of course!

India is full of stories and India has been a land of storytellers since the Upanishads were born. From the banks of Ganga in the North to the fusion of oceans in the South, the fabric of India – a land of 19,500 languages – has been weaved together by its stories. India is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, histories, food, festivals, tribes, art and more. To know more about the stories from India, join this online interactive discussion group.

We are giving you a different theme every week for the discussion.

Who should join this storytelling session

This session is suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in knowing more about India
  • Anyone who loves interesting stories around the world
  • Anyone who loves history, culture, traditions, yoga, philosophy and more.

By the end of this session...

  • You'll learn many interesting stories from India
  • You will get some fun lessons in the history of India
  • You will find answers to some of your intriguing questions about India
  • You will make some new friends who are as curious as you are about India

How much to pay for one session

You will be invited to contribute ₹1500/- per person per session to make this storytelling session sustainable for us.

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      Every Sunday at 8.30PM IST

      Who will be the Storyteller?!

      Himanshu Shoshin Tribe

      "Hello, I am Himanshu (aka. HR The Traveler) and I will be your tour guide & storyteller. Read more About Me."


      Join me every weekend over closed video calls through Google Meet and let me share stories of India with you. In general history, politics, colonization, food, culture, caste system, kama sutra, (no topics are barred!), art, culture, geography, moguls, and maybe the Taj Mahal. The idea is simple, to know more about India in the simple form of stories by a storyteller. 

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      • Join me over these virtual storytelling sessions about India.

      The last 30-40 minutes will be dedicated to general discussion, Q&As, and having two ways interaction.


      Theme: Old Delhi, Mughals & Taj Mahal

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      Every Sunday 8:30 pm IST

      10 Slots
      MEMBER'S PRICE : ₹1500/-


        Pick your Sunday*
        Every Sunday at 8.30PM IST

        Inclusions & Exclusions

        • Access to this one and half hour online storytelling session
        • Q&A session to clear your questions

        Terms & Conditions

        No separate Terms and Condition for this session. For the general one, check Shoshin Tribe's Terms and conditions page.

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