Long Distance Cycling Workshop

Want to cycle across India or do a multi-day cycle tour?  Learn the tips and tricks to plan a long-distance cycle trip all by yourself from the Director of India's first city cycle tour company. 

Join Our Long-Distance Cycling Workshop

Sunday, May 30th 10AM IST

10 Slots

What is Long Distance Cycling Workshop?

Long Distance or Multi-Day Cycling is still a relatively novel concept in India and not a lot of people around us know the tips and tricks to plan a nice trip for themselves.

In this workshop, we are going to talk about the suitable cycles, cycling gears, how to design the route, how to prepare physically and mentally, how much you need to spend, how to save financially, how to add value to the trip, how to stay safe on the roads, what can be the best course of action for you, and when can you start one and more.

This is a three-hour workshop designed to give deeper insights to plan, execute and cherish a beautiful cycle trip for yourself. Without any doubt, cycle trips are the most impactful way to travel.

Who is eligible for this workshop

This course is suitable for:

  • Anyone who is confident with cycling on the roads
  • Anyone with a real love for outdoor adventure and connecting deeper with people around
  • People who are cycling shorter distance already and now want to take bigger steps
  • Anyone who are curious to know more about Long distance cycling

By the end of this course...

  • You will have a deeper understanding of long-distance cycling
  • You will know how to plan and design a long-distance cycling trip all by yourself
  • You will meet some amazing people who cycled across the world
  • You will learn from the real-life experiences of long-distance explorers who used cycles

How much to pay for all of this

Just ₹450/- as we are doing it out of passion and to make long-distance cycling a common trend in India. This will not just help people to explore more but push government authorities to plan more about cycling infrastructure in India.

If you're a Shoshin Tribe Member you are able to attend this workshop for ₹150/-

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      Who Will Be Running This Workshop?

      Himanshu, co-founder of Shoshin Tribe and CEO of Delhi By Cycle. His first encounter with a full-frame cycle happened at the age of 4 and since then cycles are part of his life. In 2016 he cycled across India from Mysore to Jim Corbett, around 3300 km to understand India better. Since then he has done a lot of journeys across the plains of North India to explore places, people, culture, and soul of real India.

      Some of his clients include the CEO of Netflix, ex-CEO of Virgin Group, Ministers of the European Commission, and a few celebrities from Bollywood. His passion for exploration on cycles and the insights he learned, will help you to plan an amazing trip for yourself as well.

      We will also have a guest from Europe who cycled from Europe to India in 2019 over an 8-month long journey!

      Sunday, May 30th 10AM IST

      10 Slots
      MEMBER'S PRICE: ₹150/-


        How many years are you cycling*

        Inclusions & Exclusions

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        Terms & Conditions

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        Payment & Refund Policy

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