Travel Scholarship Round 2

Update : We have given enough extensions to all those who have asked. Finally we have closed the applications. The results wil be announced from the last week of August. Those who made it to the next round will be notified via email. 

Congratulations on making it to round two of Shoshin Tribe's Travel Scholarship application process. Follow the instructions below for the 2nd round process

Round 2 Details

Please fill the form below. Be sure to take care and time in answering the questions and answer to the best of your ability. As a precaution we suggest you save your written answers in a separate document as you fill the form in case there is any technical glitch and you lose what you have already written. 

The Application Form will be online from 9PM IST on 08.07.2021 

Second Round Application
is No Longer Available!

    Shoshin Tribe
    Travel Scholarship
    Second Round

    Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship

    Your SECOND step to a potential 10,000km journey
    starts here!


    Let's get to know you a bit more better

    By now you must be knowing the drill!

    Yes, we aim to learn more about you through your answers.

    In "The Travels of Ibn Battutah", the ancient traveller himself said about travelling that it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

    In this round, we want to get to know the storyteller in you. Go ahead and click next to know more about it.

    NOTE : We do NOT store any data until you submit the form. Hence We recommend that you save your answers on MS Word or google Docs, so that you will still have a copy if you lose the data during the submission due to any technical error.

    So go ahead and fill out answers to the questions.

    Good luck.


    Tell us about your journey!

    This time we would like to know about your journey as a traveller!

    Whether you're a seasoned traveller or someone whose travel dreams are yet to come true, everyone has a story and a journey that led them to love travelling.

    We want to know this story! Tell us about the story of your journey as a traveller, how it started, how it is going, how do you want it to become and more.

    It is time for you to get creative and let your personality and passions shine through your responses. Pick a medium and share your story.

    Submit your story through any of the following formats : video, writing or blog style (which can include images and videos). The choice is yours and you have to pick at least one of the choices mandatorily.

    Click Next to know how to submit your stories and other requirements.


    How to do it?

    Share your journey as a traveller

    Choosing at least one of the options is mandatory. You can pick the whichever medium that you are most comfortable with.

    Option 1:

    Do you want to tell this story through pure writing?
    Let your writing skill stand out!

    - Write the story in at least 500 words.
    - Please use Google Docs and share the link here.
    - Please make sure that the permission is set such that anyone with a link can access it.

    Option 2:

    Do you want to tell this story as a blog post?
    Show us your blogging super powers!

    Share your freshly written blog post link here. (We do not accept blog posts you have already published in the past)

    Don't have a blog yet? Create a free blog on and share the link of your blog post.

    - Make sure the blog post is at least 500 words long
    - Haven't published before
    - published on or after 08.07.2021

    Option 3:

    Do you want to tell about this story through a video?
    Amaze us with your actions and cuts and create a compelling 'moving story'!

    Share your YouTube link here.

    Don't want anyone to see the video? Publish the video as "Unlisted" so that only people with the link can watch the video.

    It is fine, If it is any other video sharing platform as long as we are able to access it through the link you are sharing.


    The Compulsory Video

    This step is compulsory for everyone and there are no choices here. This step is an attempt to understand you, your travel goals, life philosophy and more.

    All you have to do is create a Selfie video, where you have to speak to us regarding the following things.
    - What is travelling means to you
    - What does this Travel Scholarship means to you
    - Why should we choose you as the Top 6

    IMPORTANT : Make sure the maximum length of your video shouldn't cross 3 minutes!

    Share your YouTube link here.

    Don't want anyone to see the video? Publish the video as "Unlisted" so that only people with the link can watch the video.

    It is fine, If it is any other video sharing platform as long as we are able to access it through the link you are sharing.


    Let's get serious. Here is some serious stuff!

    We all agree that India is a great travel destination. But it has its own drawbacks. We would like to know what you think about it.

    The serious you get, the better.

    That's all folks

    Well, that is all for the Round 2! Do remember our advice from the Round 1!

    Be Yourself, be honest, be genuine and you shall excel.

    Don't look for the "Right answer" as there are no right or wrong answers here. Its all relative and its all depends on your perspective.

    So show us your perspective, tell us about your views. Let's start a conversation.

    Click Next

    Good Luck

    Thank you for taking time to fill out Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship 2nd Round application form. We look forward to getting to know you better through your answers.

    If Shoshin team finds that we are a good fit, you will be moving to the next phase of the event. If you have cleared this round, you will be notified.

    Good luck again. Share your best stories!

    Click Next to submit the form.

    Thank You

    Shoshin Tribe Travel Scholarship

    Would you be interested in sharing your stories through Shoshin Tribe's social media channels? If you select Yes, you are giving us the rights to share your stories through our preferred channels.

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